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Pedro Del Mar - Playa Del Lounge 2

Pedro Del Mar - Playa Del Lounge 2
Chillout| MP3 |320 KBPS |382 MB|2011


01.Pedro Del Mar - When The Sun Goes Down (Chillout Mix)
02.Hysteria! - Winding Roads (Chillout Mix)
03.santerna featuring Vadim Kapustin - Feeling Like A River (Chillout Mix)
04.Pedro Del Mar featuring Fancy Vienna - Windows To My Soul (Alexei Zakharov Chillout Mix)
05.Marco Torrance featuring Tiff Lacey - Playing God (Unplugged Mix)
06.Annbee featuring Shantam - Pink (Chillout Mix)
07.DayTripper featuring Patricia Chaviano - Until The Sunrise (Chillout Mix)
08.Pedro Del Mar and Spark7 featuring Jane Kumada - Hold Me Now (Zetandel Chillout Mix)
09.Adam Tas featuring Monika - Miles Away (Chillout Mix)
10.W.O.R.M. featuring Anna Herz - Before The Sunray Falls (Chillout Mix)
11.Pedro Del Mar and Drooid featuring Myriam - Hade (Drooid's Full Vocal Chillout Mix)
12.Anthya - Soul Within Soul (Chillout Mix)
13.Lisa Rose Harrison - Without You (Chantzis & Vanspauwen Chill Mix)
14.illitheas featuring Tiff Lacey - Little Heart (Chillout Mix)
15.Airborne Cities - All I Need (Chillout Mix)
16.Chimera State featuring Lety - Necessary (Chillout Mix)
17.Pedro Del Mar - Playa Del Lounge 2 (Continuous Mix)


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